Will Botox Hurt

The truth is, if there’s a needle involved, it might hurt a little, you will feel something.

Feel free to ask any questions during your

Botox injections really shouldn’t hurt too much, however, as mentioned above, when introducing a needle into the skin you are bound to feel

I use the finest of needles (tiny insulin ones) when giving Botox injections to ensure it is as comfortable as possible.

During your procedure you will have just a few little injections, it is over very quickly.

The first time you have Botox injections, it might sting a little.

There is a small possibility that there could be some bruising.

It is unlikely that you’ll get a bruise at the injection site, but, again…If there is a needle involved there is always a risk of bruising. So, if you do get a tiny bruise (Don’t panic!) it may feel slightly tender, it can be easily covered with concealer and it will disappear after a few days.

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